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The Study of What If website was developed in 2007 to provide students of meditation and psychic development a place where they can be involved in a question and answer open-dialogue; and to provide a source of information and resources related to their journey of self-discovery.The Study of What If website provides access to:

-- supporting materials relevant to the meditation classes taught by Sandy Shapiro at NOVA;

-- current articles on meditation practices and how to’s;

-- articles on visualization and creating images in meditation;

-- healing articles, exercises and how-to’s for self-energy balancing; 

-- answers and open dialogue provided directly by Sandy and Richard for questions asked by students on their journey of self-discovery;

-- suggested trustworthy teachers in the field, as well as some of their written materials;

-- links to a few high quality metaphysical and meditation websites;

-- and much more.  

Joining forces, Sandy and Richard strive to:

-- share their decades of experience and learning to educate individuals;

-- aid searchers/students in taking on their lives with zest and trust;

-- guide searchers on their journey of self discovery helping them to understand the signs and traps along the way;

-- help searchers recognize themselves from outside their jar (mental pathways);

-- assist searchers in setting ideal aspirations for their lives; and

-- encourage searchers to be diligent in their meditation practices – because a lifetime of ineffective mental habits are not changed in a couple of hours of random meditation classes.

Sandy and Richard believe that individuals who get to know themselves are far happier, healthier, more productive, and often times better at living than those who struggle constantly with the mental chatter of frustrated dreams, longings, regret, self-blame, envy, or whatever roadblocks they have in their Jars.

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Sandy Shapiro
As a student, Sandy has studied and practiced self-awareness development techniques, philosophies, and metaphysics since 1979, and has found that these studies have all contributed to her own growth in self-awareness. These areas include such topics as meditation, yoga, numerology, Reiki, nutrition, reincarnation, healing, symbology, colors, dream interpretation, chakras, psychic development, and more.

In January 1982, she was certified by the MansBridge Institute in the Mechanics of Psychic-Spiritual Development, and in September 1982, she received her certification in the Mechanics of Psychic-Spiritual Healing.

As a teacher, Sandy has conducted classes that include meditation, numerology, dream interpretation, and psychic development. Sandy shares her knowledge with the goal of teaching and encouraging individuals to draw on this knowledge and, in conjunction with breathing techniques and meditation, to begin or expand their individual journey to self awareness.

Sandy believes that regardless of the process, we all have the capacity within ourselves to find answers to our questions about life and our purpose in it. She believes that by sharing together, we can explore our individual reality, as well as our collective realities.

Sandy’s ultimate goal is to teach individuals how to be responsible for their own life and happiness. In so doing, she shares with all her students tools to help and guide them on their individual journey.

Sandy believes that balance in our lives is achieved by...

                  knowing yourself and enjoying who you are!
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Richard C. Parker, Ph.D, Life Coach
Contributing Writer

My teacher, my colleague, and my friend, Richard Parker (also known as “Doc”) grew up thinking that everyone was psychic, “I first opened up to metaphysics around 1960 when I was in the Orient. I was in Korea and Japan and got fascinated with meditation and Karata. The Sensa (Japanese teacher of meditation) said ‘not to get caught up in the trap of psychic visions,’ but I still found them exciting.  I did not tell him that I had been having psychic visions even before I had come to the Orient.”

As many people who find themselves practicing meditation, and exploring metaphysical tools and energy balancing techniques, Doc discovered that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. He can attest to the fact that he was not consciously looking to practice metaphysics; but people came into his life unexpectedly and took him under their tutorship. After he learned what he needed to know, just as suddenly as they appeared for him, these teachers vanished.
Doc, as many practitioners in the metaphysical world, worked a regular job; and, yet, while he earned five university degrees (BBA, BS, MS in Psychology, MBA, and a Ph.D in Psychology); he even found the time to search out teachers and classes in this most interesting world of metaphysics. Today, he is an encyclopedia of knowledge, including knowledge about meditation and its associated technologies. We are very blessed to have him associated with our website.

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                        I know I’m not seeing things as they are, I'm seeing things as I am.

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